We are loving dog sitters

Call 480-586-7540 To Schedule.  Space Is Limited.  Daily price is 15 dollars per day for doggy day care and 15 dollars per night for overnight dog boarding.

Need a dogsitter?  You have come to the right place!  Drop your dog(s) off or we provide pick up service (for an additional fee).  Your dog(s) will be happy in a  loving home environment that is safe and pet-friendly!  They can be a part of our family for any length of time that is needed.  No kennels here! You can bring your dog’s crate if he/she has a sleeping preference for it.  There is plenty of space to run in the grassy backyard or relax  inside.  Regular walks are provided too.  A dog park is within minutes and trips to the park can be arranged.  

Meet the owner:  Jeremy McWhorter.  Jeremy loves dogs and wants to give all of them a loving home and a great place to play.  He is the best dog sitter ever!  He always makes sure they have plenty of food and water, as well as lots of attention.  He is a great dog trainer.

Doggy Day Care and Overnight Care for your Canine

We offer doggy day care and overnight dog boarding!!  We’ll  play with your dog during the day and we’ll be with your dog 24/7! Dogs are free to roam inside and outside of the house.  We have a doggy door in which the dogs and come and go as they please.  Also, dogs are allowed on beds and furniture! Also, there is a dog park minutes away where we can take you dog for exercise and socializing!!


Many domesticated dogs in our homes spend a lot of time indoors in kennels or crates.  Don’t you just love the feeling when you get home and your dog is so happy to see you? Your dog is happy to see you and it is telling something too.  It is telling you that it wants to go outside and play and take a walk.  Dog walking importance rates right up there with food and water.  Dog walking brings joy to you and your dog while providing much needed exercise and joint and hip movement to help your dog feel stretched and limber.There are some different ways of dog walking.  You can walk your dog at a slow pace or walk and jog with your dog for more exercise.  Dogs also love the socialization of dog walking as they get to meet other dogs along the way on their walk.

Most caring, affordable dogsitters in Scottsdale, AZ!!!